Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Purse

for our little shop, the christmas season was slow. the weekend before christmas we had a snow storm and it really put a dent in the traffic flow. one person the entire weekend. but tuesday and wednesday were pretty good so that was nice. even some new customers which is always cool. but business is half of what it was last year so we are doing all we can to get our name and products out - primarily on the internet. we love doing what we are doing and hope to be able to 'hang in there' until the economy turns around. it's been very encouraging to know that people still like to buy handmade and if it's local, that's even better. i gave my partner a purse that i made for her for christmas. i loved how it came out and she really appreciated it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Christmas Belt

so i liked the way the other 2 belts came out so much that i made one for my other son. he lives in montana and the color is canyon tan. i thought the name was appropriate. businesswise, we had a cold, snowy weekend. windchills of -35 and miserable weather (although very pretty in one sense). we had 1 customer total on saturday and sunday. not the christmas rush we'd hoped for. but that's the way it goes. we still love what we are doing and wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Belts

unfortunately business is still slow. on the bright side, however, there is time to work on projects without a lot of interruptions. i just finished 2 belts for Christmas presents - one for my partner's son and one for my son. i thought they looked pretty nice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowy December

man, does time ever fly. after Thanksgiving we were busy at our wayzata shop getting things made in anticipation for a busy rush of shopping up until Christmas. it was interesting and fun to have sales on our Etsy site. we stayed very busy replacing product that was sold. lots of fun!! for me, the cell phone cases seemed to be a hit. my biggest sale was of a cranberry flap pouch bag. very pretty if i do say so myself and one of my favorites. with the economy the way it is in the USA it was fun to sell things to england, brazil, canada and even lithuania. but, sad to say, the Christmas season has been very disappointing. very little traffic and lots less in the sales department compared to last year. we are keeping our fingers crossed for a late surge, but...the thing we are most excited about is our internet sales through Etsy. i'm updating our website so that next year we will be able to sell our handmade items through it as well as Etsy and Lollishops. here's a big 'Thank You' to everyone who has purchased from us. Every sale via the internet is fun and certainly makes our day!!
The temperature here was -16 f yesterday morning. really cold, but we stay busy working on our projects. today i tooled and dyed 2 belts for presents for luke and yuri. fun!!